Download Persona Golden For PC Archives

Download Persona Golden For PC Archives

Download Persona Golden For PC Archives

Download Persona Golden For PC Archives

Persona 4 Golden: Extract and Edit Cutscenes with Unp4cker

Unp4cker is a PowerShell script, and requires certain arguments to operate. But don’t worry if you’re not used to command-line: it’s simple!

First, download Unp4cker and extract the .zip file contents anywhere on your PC. Temp files will be located next to the script, so make sure you have write permissions on a drive with at least a few GB free.

If you don’t use it often, you may be surprised to find that Windows 10 has a variety of convenient ways to open PowerShell right where you want it! Any of the following methods will do just fine:

  • In the file explorer window where you’ve extracted Unp4cker, choose File > Open Windows PowerShell
  • In the file explorer window where you’ve extracted Unp4cker, hold Shift and right-click in a blank space, then choose “Open PowerShell window here”.
  • Open the Start menu and start typing “PowerShell” to search for it. Run it, and in the PowerShell window, enter:
    cd “C:\path\to\unp4cker”

    (The “cd” command stands for “change directory”.)

2.5. Enable PowerShell script execution

By default, PowerShell disallows running any custom scripts to protect against malicious scripts. If you’ve never used PowerShell scripts before, you’ll need to enable them in one of two ways:

  • Open the Windows Settings app and navigate to Update & Security > For Developers. Scroll down to the PowerShell section and check the box “Change execution policy to allow local PowerShell scripts to run without signing.”
  • Open another PowerShell window as Administrator and run the command:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope “CurrentUser” -ExecutionPolicy “Unrestricted”

    (You can close this window when complete.)

3. Unpack a file with Unp4cker

With PowerShell open and the current directory set to the unp4cker folder, you’re ready to start issuing commands!

To unpack a file with Unp4acker, simply type the script file followed by the path to a movie archive in your Persona 4 Golden Steam library:

.\unp4cker.ps1 S:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Day\movie00002.pac

Note: The “.\” tells PowerShell to look for Unp4cker in the current directory. If you start typing “unp4cker” and press Tab, it will autocomplete this part for you.

Movie files will be extracted to a folder next to Unp4cker with the same name as the archive.

4. Repack a file with Unp4cker

Once you’ve made any modifications to the extracted files, you can repack them again into a new archive for use with P4G.

Warning: This feature is experimental and may not work as expected. Always back up original archives first!

Repacking an archive requires all files from the original archive to be present in the extracted folder. It is not currently possible to replace an individual file.

In other words, the number of files in the folder to repack must equal the number of files in the original archive.

To pack a file with Unp4cker, you will need to input two paths: 1) the path of the original archive, and 2) the path of the folder containing files to pack. The second path must be preceded by the “–pack” command to indicate the path is a source folder.

For example:

.\unp4cker.ps1 S:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Day\movie00002.pac –pack C:\unp4cker\extracted\movie00002

This will create a new version of the archive in an “out” folder next to Unp4cker. Copy it into your P4G Steam library and replace the original (make sure you have a backup first!), then run the game to see the results!

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, Download Persona Golden For PC Archives

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Download Persona Golden For PC Archives

Persona 4 Golden just hit Steam: How to get it now

We love it when a plan comes together ... early. Persona 4 Golden just made its surprise Steam drop moments before it's expected to be presented formally at the PC Gaming Show 2020. Tweeter Wario64 broke the news.

Yes, the cult classic has finally found a home outside of the PS Vita, with developer Atlus dropping Persona 4 Golden on Steam. Available right now, starting at $19, Persona 4 Golden is a PC-only release, so the Mac-owning JRPG gamers out there will need to get familiar with Boot Camp, or maybe find a Windows 10 machine from our best laptops list.

Persona 4 Golden takes place in the quiet Japanese town Indaba, where you're the new kid in town making friends amidst a creepy phenomenon where mysterious deaths are linked to TV broadcasts and foggy weather. 

Personally, I've been waiting years for the critically beloved P4G to land on a platform outside of the Vita, which became too expensive to buy on the secondhand market for just one game. If it's anything like Persona 5 Royal, which I'm currently at 117 hours into, the wait will have been well worth it.

There's also a Digital Deluxe Edition that costs $25, and packs a digital art book and soundtrack.

As Atlus notes in the above trailer, P4G on Steam features remastered HD graphics and both English and Japanese audio.

Atlus is hot off the heels of the Persona 5 Royal release, and that game gives Persona fans who have yet to play P4G an idea of what to expect. The 'Golden' version of the Japanese RPG Persona 4 packs a lot of new content and characters. Redditors claim P4G took between 69 to 100 hours to complete.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy and download Persona 4 Golden, while I watch the rest of the PG Gaming Show.

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