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What is BAR?

BAR is backup archiver program. I developed this program after I could not find a simple to use archiver program to create compressed and encrypted archives of my files which can be stored on a cd, dvd, or bd. While I developed the program - development is still not finished - I added some more useful features. Now I use the program to make automated backups from all my files either on dvd or directly via an Internet connection to a file server.


    • create, list, test, compare and extract archives of files and disk images
    • can split archives into parts of selectable size; each part can be read independent
    • full, incremental/differential, and continuous backup archives
    • compress of data with zlib, bzip2, lzma, lzo, lz4, or xdelta3 algorithms
    • encryption with gcrypt algorithms (AES, TWOFISH etc.)
    • asymmetric encryption with RSA
    • fast access to entries in archives: can find and extract single files without decompressing/decryption of the whole archive
    • store archives directly on external server via ftp, scp, or sftp, WebDAV
    • with external tools: store archives on CD/DVD/BD including error correction codes
    • support pre- and post-processing of files/CD/DVD/BD images (e. g. for including functions of dvdisaster)
    • support storage on a generic device
    • server-mode with control over plain and TLS network connection
    • integrated scheduler to start backups daily or weekly
    • internal database with information to all stored files and disk images for fast retrieval
    • nice graphical front end in English, German, and Japanese (written in Java with SWT)


    • PTHREADs library (mandatory)
    • zlib library (mandatory)
    • ICU library (mandatory)
    • bzip2 library (optional)
    • lzma utils (optional)
    • lzo utils (optional)
    • lz4 utils (optional)
    • zstd from https://github.com/facebook/zstd (optional)
    • xdelta library from http://xdelta.org (optional)
    • ssh2 library from http://www.libssh2.org (optional)
    • gcrypt library from http://www.gnupg.org (optional)
    • gnutls library from http://www.gnu.org/software/gnutls (optional)
    • ftplib from http://nbpfaus.net/~pfau/ftplib (optional)
    • curl library from https://curl.haxx.se/ (optional)
    • cdio library from www.gnu.org/software/libcdio/libcdio.html (optional)
    • long long datatype (because of large files)
    • perl (only for compiling)
    • tclsh (only for compiling)
    • external tools for CD/DVD/BD: mkisofs, dvdisaster, cdrecord, growisofs, eject (optional)
    • Java Runtime environment 1.6 or newer (optional; for graphical front end)

Screen shots (graphical front end)

Fig. 4: Filters & Mounts
Fig. 8: Archive name editor


BAR is currently under GPL version 2.


If you are interested in development work and the most recent development version, please contact me.


Note: versions with a character suffix are bug-fix versions.
Note: GUI is available for Linux, Solaris, MacOSX, Windows.


Any feedback is welcome. Please send an email to:



2020-08-28 0.21e * fixed database constraint-error when storing huge files in splitted archive mode 2020-08-24 0.21d * fixed entity create date/time * fixed purge entities when creating new entity * fixed delete partial created entity on error 2020-08-11 0.21b * fixed version string * fixed missing systemd-support in Debian package 2020-04-26 0.21a * fixed restore single files * fixed number of shown storages in delete * improved assign-to context menu: caching * fixed version number: patch level 2020-04-12 0.21 * parallel test, compare * fragmented and parallel processing of huge files. 8.0, libgpg-error 1.25 * fixed newest entries: name only * fixed delete from index: directories * fixed schedule info on job clone * fixed parsing passwords in SSH/SFTP/WebDav specifiers * fixed checking if archive exists * support SSH password authorization * create common source diretory to avoid name clashes * archive name date/time: schedule date/time * fixed error error message and exit code when no matching storage archives are found * moved index clean-up functions to delete orphaned entries, duplicate entries into bar-sqlite3 * CD/DVD/BD: use dvdisaster RS03 encodiung with multiple threads (Note: change or delete settings in bar.cfg to get new default commands!) * continuous is now an optional feature * fixed FTP upload: directory path * fixed FTP upload: avoid abort * fixed SFTP upload: stop/append/overwrite * fixed SFTP URL preset password * fixed SFTP directory list * fixed parse numeric permissions * fixed parse owner * fixed download-third-party.sh: use curl instead of wget, because of a bug in wget under Debian (TLS error) * change CD/DVD/BD write commands: added Joliet * improved database delete: FTS entries * ignore unknown chunks when update index * use C99 * upgrade lzo 2.10 * upgrade OpenSSL 1.1.1f * upgrade ICU 58.3 * upgrade GnuTLS 3.5.19 * upgrade mxml 2.12 * upgrade libgcrypt 1.8.4 * upgrade libcdio 2.1.0 * upgrade c-reas 1.15.0 * upgrade curl 7.67.0 * upgrade SQLite 3.27: UPSERT * upgrade libssh2 1.9.0 * upgrade binutils 2.32 * added patch to fix memory leak in libssh2 * removed ftplib * added debug option --server-debug-index-operations * BARControl: read keys from .pem files, JKS is now obsolete * BARControl: added roles basic/normal/expert * BARControl: pause unit s/m/h for option --pause * BARControl restore tab: select job * BARControl: reset job state via context menu * BARControl: show entities with no job/schedule info * BARControl: added option --index-database-entries-newest * BARControl: added option --index-database-history-list * BARControl: added option --config * BARControl: added option --geometry * BARControl: fixed options --index-database-list-entities, --index-database-list-storages: allow empty text * BARControl: fixed search entries in restore tab * BARControl: require now OpenJDK JRE 1.8 * change package build system to docker; build RPM on CentOS 6, DEB on Debian 7 * Note: change package name to backup-archiver due to name clash! 2018-08-18 0.20h * fixed crash on connection to server * fixed process file patterns * fixed memory leak 2018-08-18 0.20h * fixed crash on connection to server * fixed process file patterns * fixed memory leak 2018-06-10 0.20g * fixed blocked access database while job is running; avoid long-running transactions * fixed clean-up database at start * improved locking database: avoid long running locks * fixed add to index: deleted storages * fixed continuous in-memory database * upgrade SQLite 3.21 * fixed restore on network file system: print a warning only if file attributes cannot be set * log stack traces * BARControl: fixed change server settings job directory * BARControl: fixed possible concurrent access exception * BARControl: fixed sorting entries by date/time 2017-11-10 0.20f * fixed multiple schedule types for job * mount before delete storages * fixed list image entries * BARControl: fixed possible null-pointer-exception in job tooltips * BARControl: show warnings in storage tooltip * BARControl: clear selection after deleting storages * BARControl: change coloring of entities/storages * BARControl: save show flags into barcontrol.cfg * BARControl: fixed view cloned schedule * BARControl: additional valdiation check for schedule * BARControl: fixed busy dialog layout * BARControl: fixed crypt password dialog 2017-07-19 0.20e * added test for immutable/append-only files * fixed manual: --no-stop-on-error * fixed memory leak if archive is broken and cannot be read completely * fixed create/rename jobs: wrong name * fixed overflow in database if internal id become greater than 268435456 2017-05-01 0.20d * fixed huge Sqlite WAL file: fixed starvation of recycling due to long running internal database clean-up operations * BARControl: fixed file request dialog when restore file to specific destination directory * BARControl: improved new/clone/rename job dialog. Close dialog before execute the operation * BARControl: fixed drag+drop of shortcuts in file requester dialog * BARControl: fixed flickering in progress bars 2017-03-05 0.20c * fixed schedule edit: combo box entries * fixed removed debug code: trap int3 * upgrade PCRE to 8.40 * fixed download of zlib * fixed edit server configuration: log level * fixed invalid memory access with LZO, LZ4 compress * upgraded LZ4: fixed memory align bug * upgraded and fixed link mxml: 2.10 * fixed race-condition in semaphore debug code * fixed possible read-error on SSL connections * BARControl: fixed file requester 2016-12-11 0.20b * BARControl: fixed SSL encryption. Please re-generate the BAR key files with bar-keygen (generate now a self-signed certificate) * BARControl: fixed delete storages (possible index database error when entity/storage is selected) * fixed error message when mount fail * BARControl: fixed possible widget dispose error * fixed "archive-type" unknown error when edit schedule entry * build problem ICU: upgraded to 58.1 2016-11-09 0.20a * fixed restore into original path * fixed purge old storages by size: may have caused an index database error if entity was deleted * fixed continuous backup of single file * BARControl: fixed type error in archive name editor * BARControl: clear encryption password if type set to "default" or "ask" * BARControl: fixed default restore path * BARControl: fixed dead-lock when restore is aborted * BARControl: fixed server settings dialog * BARControl: fixed communication error when changing archives (translation error) 2016-10-13 0.number of concurrent server connections, default 8 * BARControl: added option --force-ssl * upgrade libssh2: 1.7.0 * upgrade bzip2: 1.0.6 * added bar-sqlite3 tool * added logrotate script, support for log rotate * added options --blank, --(cd|dvd|bd|device)-blank to blank medium before writing * BARControl: added abort to load volume dialog * BARControl: renamed option --index-database-storage-list -> --index-database-storages-list, added option --index-database-entities-list * fixed crash with multiple connections from same host and authetification failure * fixed max. size for LZO/LZ4 compression when block cannot be compressed * fixed init script on CentOS * fixed possible wrong error text * fixed possible dead-lock when a specific error occurred while executing a job * fixed clean-up duplicate database entries: delete storage index * webDAV: fixed race condition in receive data * fixed auto-index: search for .bar files * BARControl: fixed login credentials on command line * BARControl: fixed archive name editor %S, %s, _ * fixed storage of splitted hardlink-entries! * fixed abort when there is an error when writing a CD/DVD/BD 2016-01-09 0.19d * fixed include of multiple entries with pattern: store foo/a.* and foo/b.* if exists * fixed possible crash when files with % in name may not be readable * upgrade PCRE 8.38 * BARControl: fixed typing errors in translation * fixed memory leak 2015-12-06 0.19c * added user, group, permission to long list output * fix get user/group name with large number of names * BARControl: fixed parsing float number with different locales * BARControl: fixed edit pre/post-scripts on Windows: replace line ending CRLR by LF. * BARControl: improved restore dialog: show failed entries, show total progress bar * fixed assert in restore archives * BARControl: fixed restore complete archives 2015-11-23 0.19b * fixed reading job files with none-LF at end * try to delete temporary directory also on Ctrl-C or a crash * fixed index auto-update: search for .bar files in directory and all sub-directories * BARControl: fixed possible null-pointer-exception on Windows * BARControl: fixed layout buttons * BARControl: fixed translation * BARControl: fixed multi language support (language files were missing in distribution) * fixed scanning for .bar-archives: scan in sub-directories, too * BARControl: fixed typing error in help * BARControl: fixed null-pointer-exception when delete entity in restore tab * fixed init scripts * BARControl: added unit TB 2015-10-31 0.19a * changed upgrade database: do not lock database * added support to output stacktraces! Press Ctrl-\ or send signal SIGQUIT to BAR * improved error handling in database * always unmount mounted device if init storage fail * fixed typing error in scp protocol init * fixed init SSH default password * fixed some compilation errors when packages are disabled * added barserver.service for systemd * fixed init.d-start script for Fedora * fixed install init-scripts * fixed --quiet option * upgraded libgpg-error to 1.20: fixed problem with pre-processor and newer gcc versions * upgraded libgcrypt to 1.6.4: fixed problem with pre-processor and newer gcc versions * improved error message when ssh login fail * fixed possible dead-lock in server when file .nobackup cannot be created * improved error message when SSL authentification fail * fixed compiling ring buffer when no backtrace() function is available * removed wrong assert in server.c * fixed compiling without ulong * fixed unintialized data with unknown job UUIDs * fixed unintialized data in database access * BARControl: fixed number format exception when BAR and BARControl use different locales * fixed memory corruption when stringmaps are enlarged * fixed error message for wrong double config values * fixed exitcode list archives * fixed possible deadlock in server when started as a daemon * fixed possible crash when index database could not be opened or is created * BARControl: fixed output of --list * fixed possible crash when decompress broken archive compressed with LZO * upgraded LZO to 2.09 * use LZO safe-decompress, fixed valgrind warning * disabled test Serpient for CentOS 5: do not use! Probably bug in gcc 4.1 together with -O2; solved in newer versions of gcc. 2015-05-01 0.19 * added LZO compression * added LZ4 compression * fixed large file support: on some systems large files (>4GB) could be incompletely written * do not modify atime of files when creating or compare archives (NO_ATIME) * BARControl: added new/clone/rename/delete to status tab option menu * added pre-/post-command * improved crash reporting: include symbol file * improved logging * BARControl: added different exclude types in context menu (nodump, .nobackup, exclude) * BARControl: added pre-/post scripts * BARControl: added archive tree view to restore tab * added "entities" for set of created storage files: keep set of storage in the internal database and show created backups in a tree view in BARControl * BARControl: added function in restore tab context menu to assign storage to some entity * started localization support (English, German, and Japanese! Thanks to Satoko Koiwa) * added no-storage to schedule: schedule just to create .bid file * added min/max/age to schedule * BARControl: show tooltip in restore tab in left half of tree/table * BARControl: show number of entries in entity and storage (tooltip info) * BARControl: add function in context menu to trigger a specific schedule entry * BARControl: improved statistic view of no-storage job * upgraded GMP to version 6.0.0a: fix usage of wrong code on AMD architecture. Thanks to Shane for his help to understand this bug! * BARControl: added option --version * fixed parsing compress algorithm names * improved error when reading encryption algorithm from archives * fixed matching files with \ in name (glob pattern) * improved tests * fixed delete files via webdav-protocol * fixed error if entered passwords are not equal * fixed listing, testing of content in directory: support pattern matching * fixed possible infinite recursion when processing delta compressed files while searching for delta sources * improved error output for libcdio * fixed parsing schedule data * BARControl: fixed schedule dialog, removed "*" archive type * fixed race-condition in init database (thanks to Shane) * fixed restore: keep root (first /) when no directories are stripped * fixed sending data via scp: close and transmit last data package * fixed superfluous output on stdout of ftp+webdav protocol 2014-11-10 0.18e * removed nice-level in init scripts * barcontrol: fixed selection and storage of file names via file dialog * barcontrol: fixed restore destination directory bug + overwrite flag 2014-09-29 0.18d * fix not closed file when --no-storage is specified 2014-09-26 0.18c * fixed server network connection wait time in pselect(); may caused network trouble on some Linux systems. Thanks to Daniel Webb for his help to find this bug! * BARControl: upgraded to SWT 4.4 to fix a crash on close when a combo widget is disposed. (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=372560) Thanks to Daniel Webb for his help to find this bug! * Upgraded LZMA library to version 5.0.7 * Added init script for CentOS 2014-05-09 0.18b * fixed server start script barserver for Debian * do not download epm, breakpad by default * fix compilation some third party package: m4 required 2014-05-01 0.18a * upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.1g (fix for Heartbleed bug) * fixed replaced storage archives in database * barcontrol: fixed possible exception when session id key data cannot be parsed (NumberFormatException) * barcontrol: fix delete database index entries * barcontrol: fixed possible exception when insert new element into exclude list, compress exclude list * fix compile non-debug version without stacktrace function * install bar binary in /usr/bin * fixed install of man-page * fixed include bar-keygen in base package * fixed man page * barcontrol: improved error message when a SSL connection cannot be established * barcontrol: fixed error handling * fixed free resources when creating image archives 2014-03-21 0.18 * added multi-core compression/encryption support! * dramatic speed-up when creating archives! * added automatic delete of duplicate index entries when server is started * store and restore extended file attributes (EAs) * improved FTP access: replaced FTPLib by curl+c-areas * added support for WebDAV protocol * added support for crash dump tool Breakpad * integrated a scan-mode which will scan partially broken archives for still readable parts * server protocol changes: replaced list of values by value map for easier extension of protocol. Note: you _must_ update both server and clients with this change. * added uuid to jobs * added custom text to schedule entries * added macros %uuid, %text to storage name template * added options --[ftp|ssh|webdav]-max-connections: limit number of concurrent network connections for server * barcontrol: added time macros %U2, %U4, %W, %W2 and %W4, added macros %T, %uuid, %text * barcontrol: added file selector button to storage name input * support listing remote directory content * start support cross-compilation Linux -> Windows * upgrade gpg-error 1.10, gcrypt 1.5.0, gnutls 3.1.18, libcdio 0.92, pcre 8.34 * fixed create index: do not delete index which is currently updated * fixed output in verbose/quiet mode * fixed restore: list files when "only newest" is disabled * fixed duplicate archive entries when multiple include options are specified (thanks to Stefan A.) * fixed writing .bid file when no directory is given * barcontrol: fixed duplicate job * barcontrol: added insert/edit/delete keyboard shortcuts * barcontrol: passwords sent to the bar daemon are now RSA encrypted! This makes it much harder to steal plain text passwords even when no TLS encrypted network connection is used. * improved tests: added special testcode to execute error handling code in tests * using gcc to compile is now mandatory (required because of improved error-handlingn with using closure like code) * improved defense against denial-of-service-attack: force delay for clients with multiple authorization failure * changed schedule entry in job configuration: use a section. Entries in the old format are still read, but not created anymore. * avoid console input in non-interactive mode * fixed barcontrol: list storage ignoring case * fixed barcontrol: delete storage files 2013-05-05 0.17b * fixed parsing of storage specifier (ftp, scp/sftp, cd/dvd/bd): user name * fixed dialog text when password is requested * improved checking host name for ftp/scp/sftp login * fixed lost string resource 2013-01-26 0.17a * fixed writing CD/DVD/BD: do not write an empty last medium * improved database index * fixed parsing CD/DVD/BD/device specifier: last character was missing * fixed logging of skipped own files 2012-10-03 0.17 * finally: added support for xdelta compression! Note: integrating this was really a _hard_ work. * added support for libcdio to read content of CD/DVD/BD devices/images without mounting * upgraded used libssh2 to version 1.4.2 * use libssh2 send64() when available to be able to send large files, too * added check for file permission of config files. Should be 400 or 600. * improved error handling with public/private keys * fixed handling of error case when asymmetric encrypted archive cannot be read * print fragment info if file is incomplete on verbose level >= 2 * fix header information in sources * improved logging for not stored files * support no-dump file attribute, add option --ignore-no-dump (see lsattr, chattr) * set default ssh keys to $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub, $HOME/.cfg file! Set last executed time. * BARControl: fix parsing storage name when login name is not given * BARControl: fixed cloneing of schedule entries * BARControl: added path selector in include/exclude dialogs * BARControl: added confirmation dialog when include/exclude entry should be removed * BARControl: fixed schedule hour setting, show 00..23 * BARControl: added function to delete storage files in context menu in restore tab * added configuration option index-database-max-band-width: limit the used band width for background index updates * improved band width limitation: specify either a value or name of an external file * fixed scheduler: do not start job immediately again when execution time was longer than time periode of scheduling * added optional time range to max-band-width, index-database-max-band-width options to support different limits depending on date/time * support external file for max-band-width, index-database-max-band-width options * fixed memory leak in server 2012-01-14 0.16g * fix restore: do not create empty parent directories * fix restoring archive entries without directory part * added verbose level 5, output ssh debug messages for level 4 and 5 * fixed crash when archive on CD/DVD/BD/device should be listed/tested/extracted directly. Please mount a CD/DVD/BD/device and use the file operations instead. Next version of BAR will support reading CD/DVD/BD directly * fixed memory leaks 2011-09-10 0.16f * re-added option --volume-size, fixed setting CD/DVD/BD volume size * added check for Java version * improved error messages * do not print passwords which may be included in FTP specifier when creating/list/restore entries * barcontrol: ask for crypt password when restoring single archive entries * fixed URI parser: clear port number if not set * improved index database: do not set error state when connection to server cannot be opened * fixed memory leaks * back-ported file handle debug code * do not set index state to error if archive cannot be decrypted because of missing password * fix bug in ftplib: listing directory did not close temporary file 2011-07-31 0.16e * create sub-directories when storing to file system or ftp server * fix creating directories: to not set parent directory permissions if permissions are already set * barcontrol: do not close new job dialog on error * barcontrol: fixed setting crypt type radio buttons with default value * save job file immediately after creating a new one * fix lost error state when writing file to a server * improved FTP transmission, added patch to set timeout for receiving data in FTPLib * fixed possible inifite loop when executing external command, e. g. sending the log file via log-post-command * fixed error in pre-defined log-post-command in bar.cfg * fix losing failure error * create job files with read/write permission for owner only * do not print passwords to log/screen which may be included in FTP specifier * fixed missing delete temporary file on error in incremental mode * fixed adding index of FTP content to local archive database * fixed string parser: parse \x as x if outside of " or ' * BARControl: fix Null-Pointer-Exception when server password is not set * improved FTP read: try to read all data when the network connection is bad * fix CD/DVD/BD write command: must be %directory, not %file * BARControl: add command to remove all archives with error state in tab restore * BARControl: fix possible null-pointe-exception on communication error * BARControl: improved usability. Use tagged+selected entries entires to remove/refresh in tab restore. * add log type "index" * BARControl: fixed list of storage archives when removing an entry * BARControl: ask for crypt password when starting job with crypt password mode "ask" * BARControl: give visual feedback when entered passwords in password dialog are not equal * show date/time for directories entries in list, too * changed DVD write image command: removed sectors, added -dvd-compat * output stdout/stderr of external commands with verbose level 4 * BARControl: added some warnings when selection of part size/ medium size/error correction codes may not fit to create a CD/DVD/BD 2011-05-31 0.16d * barcontrol: fix parsing of ftp/scp/sftp archive names * fix parsing of ftp archive names * support for non-passive/passive ftp connections * fixed wrong free of resources when archive entry could not be read * fixed numbers for compress/crypt type: must be a real constant (self-assigned enum may change) 2011-04-17 0.16c * renamed macro %file -> %directory for cd/dvd/bd/device-commands * fixed typing error in code when FTP is not available * added options --file-write-pre|post-command, --ftp-write-pre|post-command, --scp-write-pre|post-command, --sftp-write-pre|post-command * added option --always-create-image * fixed creating CDs: use mkisofs+cdrecord * removed double linefeed for log entries * fixed log entries when creating database index: avoid creating huge log files * only write log file in daemon/server mode * add missing MacOSX JARs to distribution * renewed man page, improved manual 2011-04-10 0.16b * fix error handling when password is wrong * create jobs directory if it does not exists * enable creaeting index database by default * barcontrol: fix file name editor drag+drop * barcontrol: ask for password on restore * fix memory leak when reading archive directory entries * fixed deinit error when password is wrong * fixed reading file names which contain \ or LF/CR * barcontrol: fix discarding first character for archive target cd:, bd: * barcontrol: fixed file listing * fix error handling when calling external tool for CD/DVD/BD * barcontrol: add year two digits in archive file name editor, fixed century * barcontrol: fix enabling restore-button * improved documentation: added archive file name macros, add more entries to faq, small fixes 2010-12-30 0.16a * fix wrong storage name in database * barcontrol: fix start/abort button enable/disable for incremental/differential/dry-run jobs * barcontrol: fix tab restore storage filter: edit+reset * clean-up 2010-12-17 0.16 * do not store content of directories and sub-directories when file .nobackup or .* fix install: add bar-keygen * added option --differential: differential storage. Like --incremental, but incremental data is not updated * fixed creating parent directories when restoring files: use default file mask to create parent directories * fix restoring splitted files which are read only * fixed typing error in bar.cfg entry "schedule": must be Apr, not Arp. Note: please fix this in your jobs files in /etc/bar/jobs, too, when you created a job which should be scheduled in April! * fixed SigSegV with option -g: internal sorting of list was wrong 2010-12-05 0.15f * fix SigSegV in string.c:formatString() which can occur on amd64 systems 2010-12-02 0.15e * barcontrol: fix exception when running barcontrol under Windows and connecting to a Linux server (file separator is different on Windows and Linux; this is a temporary fix which will be improved in version 0.16) * barcontrol: made columns size, modified, state in restore tab, storage list resizable, too * fixed wrong bar binary path in SuSE, Redhat, Mandrake, Fedora start scripts * fixed wrong bar config path in SuSE, Redhat, Mandrake, Fedora start scripts * barcontrol: fixed some table column widths (automatic setting seems to be different on Windows) * barcontrol: fix arguments in start script barcontrol.bat 2010-11-29 0.15d * fix SigSegV when deleting a storage archive from the database via BARControl 2010-11-18 0.15c * fixes for MacOSX: - fix SWT start thread problem - use "java" without any path - fix out-dated JAR archives * added missing documentation images to distribution * fix creation of barcontrol/barcontrol*.jar * fix error message when archive file already exists 2010-11-17 0.15b * barcontrol: fix sorting of columns * barcontrol: fix not working context menu "exclude", "none" in status tab, files list, removed debug code * fix archive file name for CD/DVD/BD * barcontrol: fix sorting of columns in jobs tab file/device tree * barcontrol: fix calculating directory size (context menu in file list in jobs tab) * fixed parsing of storage specification for cd/dvd/bd 2010-10-26 0.15a * fix compilation problems with LONG_LONG_MAX * fix typecast in strings.c for 64bit systems * fix man create install path * support build service (thanks to lalalu42) * add make variale DIST, SYSTEM to install * update download-script: gnutls 2.10.2 * fix typing error in strings debug code * use getpwnam_r and getgrnam_r to avoid multi-threaded problems * fixed wrong locking code in semaphore read-lock * fixed possible infinite blocking in index update (ssh read) * fixed memory leak in index thread * fixed test for large file support on 64bit systems * fixed ssh-communication problem ("bad record mac" in barcontrol), improved error messages * added different BAR daemon start scripts, fixed start script * enable dynamic linkage of system internal libraries * clean-up Makefile file 2010-10-13 0.15 * added command line option --job to execute a job from a job file with BAR * clean-up BAR command line options: - replaced -a|--crypt-asymmetric -> --crypt-type=
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System Requirements:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2, 2012 R2 or 2016
  • Processor chip: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Network: Broadband Web connection
  • Storage space: 500 MB


  • The program ensures safety in every aspect. It will create a restore point before making updates, only backup drivers, and exhibit WHQL drivers. There is no need to worry about when using the app.
  • It has been tested and has been proven to be one of the easiest to use and fastest of its kind out there. Plus it is always aware of what needs to be updated. If we take on such a task manually, we may miss a lot of the drivers that need to be updated.
  • If we are not sure when to restart our system during the updating of drivers, the program will let us know when and do it for us.
  • It can find game components and improve the drivers makes the application game-centric. All gaming experience is much improved.
  • Comfortable along with user-friendly interface.
  • Additionally, upgrade drivers up-to 300 percent faster.
  • Support upgrading 400,000 + apparatus driver.
  • Automatically updates to the most recent version.


  • The constant warning about the identified risks can be more alarming than they seem and cause unnecessary panic.
  • Many of the drivers that are installed and downloaded as a unit need to update one at a time, even after the system has been rebooted.
  • Occasionally take the time to upgrade the drivers.

IObit Driver Booster Prokey is an excellent alternative for improving the operation and capabilities of the system. Scans run to assess which of these drivers are lost or have become obsolete. It locates the hyperlinks that are the internet. It downloads the drivers, but we’ve requested which drivers we would like to upgrade. It downloads drivers and provides us with improved quality.

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