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Handy Tools & Apps Page

This page is as much for me as it is for you.  It’s effectively my little list of tools and apps that can be used to fix, convert, export, tweak, or otherwise modify what are typically completed activity files/workouts.  I’ve also added in a few other related things like where to find older firmware versions, etc…

At this point I’m not using this list as a place for a listing of apps (i.e. RunKeeper/MapMyRun/etc…).  Rather, think of this as a toolbox, and these are things that you may find useful if you were at your workbench.  Make sense?  Enjoy!

The DCR Analyzer:

We’ll start off with my own tool – The DCR Analyzer – which is simply to compare data from multiple files.  This is useful if you want to compare different power meters, different heart rate straps, GPS tracks, and so on.  Full details of how it works here.

File/Activity Converters & Exporters:

These tools convert activity files from one format to another format.  This is generally used when a company doesn’t export in the formats you want to upload to a given site.

Apple Watch to .FIT File Exporter: A super simple exporter to get files from Apple watch into standard .FIT file format.  It’s what I use for testing purposes.  Note, RunGap also works well here if you want fancier stuff.

Garmin to Nike+ Converter: Will perform single activity file uploads from Garmin TCX activities to Nike+.

Training Peaks/Timex .PWX to .GPX & .TCX converter: Useful for uploading to Strava, 3rd party sites, etc…

Nike+ to GPX file exporter: Allows you to get data out of the Nike platform and to any site you want, such as Strava, etc…

Polar .GPX & .HRM combining tool to .TCX files: Useful for uploading to Strava, 3rd party sites, etc…

Polar Converter: Converts .xml, .hrm and .gpx files from Polar device to .tcx files for Strava, 3rd party sites, etc…

Polar V800 Exporter (Desktop): PC/Mac based tool to export V800 files as industry standard GPS or TCX files.

Polar V800 Downloader (Desktop): PC/Mac based tool to connect directly to V800 and download workout files.

Polar Flow Exporter (Web): Exports activities from Polar Flow to .TCX format (Note: Polar Flow now does this natively, no longer a need for this tool)

File/Service Synchronization Sites:

These sites synchronize data across websites and services.  Some of them are fully supported, and some of them are a bit more ‘wild’.  Keep in mind that while most services offer the ability to ‘revoke’ access to a given app, not all do.

**Tapiriik: This will synchronize your activities automatically between numerous services such as Garmin Connect, Strava, SportTracks, Training Peaks and many more. (DCR post here)

FitDataSync: This will synchronize the weight from FitBit scales over to Garmin Connect

Flow2Strava: Synchronize activities from Polar Flow (all current generation Polar devices) to Strava.

CopyMySports: This will synchronize your activities automatically between Garmin Connect and RunKeeper or Strava. (DCR post here)

SyncMyTracks (Android): This will sync activities across a variety of platforms, such as Strava, Endomondo, RunKeeper, Polar and Garmin Connect (along with others).  This is the best (only?) way to bulk sync older history from Polar to Garmin.

Motoactv to RunKeeper Sync Tool: This will send your Motoactv workouts to RunKeeper.  You could then use some of the other apps above to get them to other sites.

Fitbit Weight Scale to Training Peaks: Just as the name implies, will sync your weight data over to TP.

RunGap: While technically more of a phone app, I include it here only because it can actually sync between sites – most notably from Polar Flow to 3rd party sites such as Strava, Training Peaks, etc…

File Modification/Correction Tools:

These tools modify and/or tweak the data within an activity file.  This is often useful when you need to fix something due to error (device or human).

**FIT File Tools Site: Remove data field tool, time adjuster tool, multiple file combiner tool.

**Garmin Online FIT Repair Tool: Useful if your activity file is corrupted/incorrect/dorked up.

GPS Babel: Tool for converting different track files for a variety of devices, as well as merging tracks and making corrections. Slightly more focused on hiking/trekking than endurance sports (but can still help there).

GPS Prune: Ability to import and modify GPS/KML/TXT/KMZ files.

NMEA to KMZ converter: Most suited for older GPS track devices that produce NMEA files.  Also can handle/export GPX, KMZ, KML, NMEA and CSV files.

FIT File Repair Tool: Similar to above, just not free, though has more features in case the above doesn’t cover it.

Garmin Pool Swimming File Editor: Fix issues with your activity files such as lost laps/lengths and more.

SRM to Strava: This tool will merge your SRM file with the GPX file from the Strava app (phone), and then spit out a new .TCX file that you can use anywhere – Strava or otherwise.

TCX Converter: Another option for merging files and making conversions and corrections.  Also can overlay altitude track, which can be then re-used by some trainers (such as Tacx).

Migration Tools:

These tools help you migrate from one platform to another.  For example, if you previously had a Garmin device and then wanted to move to the Suunto platform.  Note that many of the ‘Sync’ tools in the section up a bit higher can also be used for this same purpose.

**Download all your Garmin Connect activities to .TCX format

Garmin Connect/Polar Personal Trainer to Suunto Movescount migration tool

Sports Tracker (ex-Nokia site) export tool: Method to bulk export out the files to .GPX format for movement to other platforms.

Random other things:

**Tool to visually compare multiple GPS tracks: This is a handy way to quickly compare a few different device track files (GPX/TCX/FIT) on a map. Just drag and drop.

**FIT File Viewer Tool: A simple lightweight tool for opening up .FIT files

**FIT File ANT+ Sensor ID & Serial Number Enumeration Tool: Quick and easy tool to spit out the ANT+ ID’s of any sensors that were used/paired within an activity file, and shows you ANT+ ID, ANT+ Serial Number, and Manufacturer of sensors paired.

GPS Track Comparison Tool: This free tool allows quick analysis comparison of GPS tracks from multiple file types.

iOS App To Validate HRV Data: Tool to view/validate HRV/RR data for Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps

Firefox extension to send Google Maps route to Garmin Devices: Pretty straight forward, though does require Firefox being that its an extension, as well as the now deprecated Garmin Communicator plugin.

Suunto Ambit Interval Generator: If you have a Suunto Ambit1/2/3 and want to create interval workouts, this little app will help create an Ambit app with the workout.

Historical firmware updates for Garmin Fenix/Fenix2/Tactix/D2

Emulated Garmin Segment Creator from Strava Segments

Di2 Stats: Site that allows you to view your Di2 ride stats generated from compatible Garmin devices (i.e. the Edge 1000).

Suunto Ambit Interval Workout Creator: Allows you to generate the app code for an interval workout, which can then be saved to your device.

Race Shape Strava Tools: These can fix files where your GPS track went askew, as well as create a Virtual Partner file for Garmin devices that allows you to race against a given segment leader.

Please note: All of these tools/apps/sites can do cool things, but some of them can also be harmful if used improperly (for example backporting your firmware in an un-supported manner if you don’t know what you’re doing).  This page isn’t designed for support of these tools – but rather just a simple place to list them.  For support, please contact the folks behind the tools.

If you have suggestions of tools to add to this list, feel free to use the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page and I’ll take a look at the tool/site/app to see if it meets the criteria for this list/page, or perhaps a future list/page/post.  Also, you can post them here in this announcement post.

**These are ones that I tend to use myself more frequently than not.  So, I’d sorta consider them my ‘Recommended’ options.  Which doesn’t mean the others aren’t great, it’s simply just the ones I use personally as they fit my specific needs/requirements.

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Sdata tool Crack Archives

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