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PdivdivpThe first TC 500 is manoeuvred into Barclays Teddington Training Centre. From the staff magazine, Spread Eagle (Oct 1968)brpdivdivpTukes praise of the computer and report that the bank had ordered a second model it tempered by his concern that, for all its benefits, it would come at the cost of quality customer service and human interaction.

He states: They have a regrettable aspect, in that they are destroying the traditional craftmanship for which this country used to be famous. ppHe goes on to relate a story about a ledger keeper from the golden days of bookkeeping who kept a quill pen behind his ear and would report changes in customers accounts by simply telling the manager directly. ppBritains first computer centreppDespite some hints of hesitancy, Barclays continued to spearhead the banking revolution after launching Britains first computer centre for banking in July 1961 on Drummond Street, London.


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